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10 Favorite Books for 2012, but if you count them, you’ll see 12

It had to be 12, so you know this was a very good year.  And I regret not including Etgar Keret's book. Montana, 1948 by Larry Watson.  The author makes the time and place come alive with a magical intensity. The narrator, now in his 50s, tells the story of events which occurred when he was 12 involving anguishing decisions his father made that were heroic.  His father was a...

10 Favorite Books from 2011

These are books I read in 2011, not necessarily published this year.  What a great year of books this was for me. An Object of Beauty.  Steve Martin's second novel, a well-crafted book with a fun setting (the art market at the Sotheby level), and intriguing characters.   The central figure is Lacey who never hesitates to do whatever it takes to further her career. Wolf...


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