A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson


Audiobook. Engaging science book, just flowed by every morning! But
remember, why worry, there will be a volcano or meteor or something
that ends it all, probably before we do. Perhaps the "inter-ice-age"
we’re in will come to an end.



  • Hi, Mom! I’m testing out your blog sign-in option. When I visited the Roman Baths in Bath, England with Kathy and Brooke, Bill Bryson was one of the options on the self-guided audio tour. He was, of course, a wonderful tour guide!

  • Shoot, I didn’t get a notification. I checked my spam folder and didn’t see anything in there either. Maybe I missed a step somehow?

  • Maybe you have to hit the “Reply” link under my comment so that you’re replying to my comment rather than adding a new comment to the post. Do you want to try that and see if that works?


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