From Here You Can’t See Paris by Michael S. Sanders


I’ve been reading this book for nearly two years; it’s been wonderful
to dip into it from time to time. A writer, his wife and young daughter
spend a year in Les Arques, a small village in the Lot in southwest
France. The town has no commerce except for an excellent restaurant and
a museum for the Russian artist Zadkine who lived here part of the
time. The writer focuses on the restaurant, spending many hours in the
kitchen, but thoroughly covers the area’s farming and social life as
well. Having hiked in the area for a week, I found the book a real
treat — it brings back the sights and tastes of that trip. His
insights into the importance of the disappearing traditions of that
region to French culture looked on target to me. A pleasing, pleasant
read. I will be sorry to return the book to Mary Susan….perhaps I
should visit

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