The Other Side of You by Salley Vickers


I have mixed views of this 2006 book by a British writer. It was always
engaging and I was never tempted to give it up. The narrator was
purportedly a man, but at the risk of sounding sexist, the
sensibilities of this narrator were not masculine. An appealing
character in many ways, but not a guy as I know them. And as evidence
that I am not a sexist, I offer this: I was made uneasy by the
underlying assumption that the woman telling her story became real and
whole only when she met and was with the right guy. On the positive
side, the book had a Caravaggio theme running through it, including a
brief telling of his life. It mentions the discovery of a newly found
Caravaggio in a monastery. I guess this refers to the painting that is
the subject of Jonathan Harr’s book The Lost Painting (see previous post).

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