I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron


This was loaned to me by Maureen and has been even more of a treat than I expected.  She feels bad about her neck, she can’t deal with purses, falls out of love with her upper west side apartment, she mourns the lost cabbage strudel and finds a new cabbage strudel to love, and lots more.  Of course the author of When Harry Met Sally is going to be witty, but I didn’t expect to be touched as well.  In the last piece she stops working on funny for a few pages and gets to what she’s been thinking about, what we all think about when we’re over 60.

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  • Funny you should mention this. Just two minutes ago, I finished writing an email to a friend complaining about my neck being so wrinkled in recent years, that whenever I have the chance, I lean toward turtle neck wear. Too hot for it in the summer though, when I’m out and about the most. Mom’s neck wrinkled early too, so I wasn’t very surprised when it happened to me.


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