Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


Audiobook read by the author.  You really get to know Liz, as she calls herself, very well in this book.  And what an interesting person she is — incredibly outgoing and appealing, very well-informed, an intrepid soul.  This book is the story of a year in which Liz went to Rome, then India, then a small village in Bali to recover from four years of misery.  The misery was a combination of ending a marriage and the devastating end of a love affair.  So, for four months she ate and frolicked in Rome, then prayed — meditated — for four months in an ashram in India, and finally had four months in a village in Bali where she encountered love.  She’s a terrifically appealing writer, and though it was sometimes just a tiny bit hard to identify with the misery of getting over a love affair, overall it was a great ride.   I liked what she wrote about meditating; her recounting the foolishness that went on in her head (goes on in all our heads) was interesting.  She was appealingly open about her shortcomings.  Abby was enthusiastic about another book she wrote about a true modern day mountain man.

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