Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama


Audiobook.  I listened to an abridged version of the book, read by the author.  He does have an amazing and unique background — the Kansas grandparents made their way to Hawaii after World War II, his mother married a Kenyan and then an Indonesian, his father was persistent enough to find a college in the US that would not charge him tuition.  Quite a story.  In Dreams from My Father Obama is intelligently reflective about his family and himself.  Wouldn't that be an amazing combination in a president. 

He spent much of his youth with his mother and her parents, and very little with his father.  After he finished college and was working in Chicago, he connected with the family of his father in Kenya and eventually visited them.  The strong and immediate connection with them was striking, especially considering contrast between the disciplined and purposeful Barack and the chaotic Obama family in Kenya.

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