Murder in the Rue de Paradis by Cara Black


Audiobook.  This is the most recent in a series of murder mysteries set in Paris with lots of emphasis on the setting.  The protagonist is Aimée Leduc whose detective agency consists of herself and a dwarf, René, who apparently came from a wealthy family.  The pace is exhausting and I kept thinking Aimée should take Rene's advice and get some rest.  It was delightful to connect the locations to Google maps and to see the actual streetscapes.  Much of the action is set in the 10th arrondissemont, which is the location of the dump where Jennifer and I stayed when she was 10.

The plot involved the murder of an investigative reporter who had been in Turkey; disaffected Kurds had a big role.  The interesting range of characters with reasonable descriptions of their backgrounds and motivations made it a good story. 

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