The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris


The sequel to Chocolat, this book is set in Montmartre in Paris.  The Butte, as it is referred to, is painted as a village from another era.  Each short chapter tells the story from the point of view of each of the major characters:  Zozie, the wicked witch; Vianne, the wizard of chocolate that we know from Chocolat; and her daughter Anouk.  The various characters from their little square are fun:  the exhuberant fat boy, the withdrawn anorexic girl (you can guess that plotline), the mean rich woman, the former moulin rouge dancer who now sells religious trinkets, and others. 

At the outset I was not sure I would like this for 440 pages, but within 50 pages, I was hooked and reading happily at every opportunity.  The loving pictures she paints of chocolate making are irresistible.

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