Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


Audiobook.  This book, and the narrator Michael Page, were recommended by my friend Jim.  It was a great suggestion; this gave me many hours of happy walking and painting.   Of course you have to love the dear Pip and the good hearted Joe, but what fun are all the characters.  Uncle Pumblechook.  Mr. Wopsle who moves to London and becomes an unsuccessful, but happy actor.  Mr. Jaggers whose law offices are peopled by a raffish lot.  Jagger's clerk, Mr. Wemmick who is cynical at work, but at home in his castle is endlessly kind to his father, referred to as the Aged P.  And Miss Havisham who brings her world to a halt the day she is left at the alter.  Her clocks are stopped, her dining room remains set for the feast, the wedding cake has rotted away and she still wears her wedding gown. 

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