The Last Judgment by Iain Pears


Audiobook.  A very enjoyable book to listen to, this is a police procedural set in Europe.  Well, one member of the duo is a police woman in the art theft division of the Italian police force in Rome and the other is her partner, an English art dealer. They tear around Europe with almost no money trying to untangle a complicated murder that is connected to an art theft.  The best part of the plot is that the resolution occurs because of knowledge of art history.  Now that should encourage all those art history majors. Take that, Click and Clack!  

This book does remind me of the Cara Black series with Aimée LeDuc as the private detective.  The plot of last one I read, Murder in the Marais, had its origins in betrayal during the Nazi years, as did this book.  And both heroines move at an exhausting pace. 

I was concerned the plot might be too complicated for an audiobook with too many strands to keep straight, but I was sorry when it was finished.

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