My Kind of Place by Susan Orlean


Audiobook.  This is a collection of essays about places visited or extraordinary activities.  For example, she writes about Midland, Texas during Bush's campaign for the 2000 election.  (Someone pronounced George W a fine fellow who never made a dime.)  And she explores the world of the animal horder, specifically a woman who had countless tigers in New Jersey.  After a battle that took years, the state was able to get a judgment requiring her to disperse the tigers to other places.  But the author points out that recidivism among animal horders is nearly 100%.   And then there was the movement to Free Willy, a whale oriented to humans from early life and the humans managed to mistreat him both in captivity and in setting him free.  Then there was the trip to Bhutan with a group of women going there to visit the iconic penises and receive blessings that might improve their fertility.  Yikes.

It turns out this audiobook is "unabridged selections" which I suppose means the whole essay was read, but not all the essays from the book.

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